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Hi. I am Patricia Browne, founder of DeluxePup.com I live on Somerville, Massachusetts with my husband and our dog Monty, a rescue Labradoodle, who is three years old. He is our “spokesdog” for DeluxePup and is seen in our logos and on our social media pages.

Since I was a kid, dogs of all kinds – mutts to rescue pure-breeds, Golden Retrievers to German Shepherds – have shared my life for most of my 50+ years. They were beloved members of the family.

I love dogs

Dogs don’t ask questions. They drop their heads in your lap when you’re feeling crappy and just look up at you. Or they grab a ball and blunder around with it until you’re laughing. Dogs never say that dress makes you look fat. Dogs don’t judge your choices – they just want to be along for the ride and hang their head out the window.

Growing up, the local “Pet Department” was king

When I was a kid, you bought big red bags of Alpo dog food at the grocery store and leather leashes and collars at Woolworths or Zayre’s (shout out to a long-gone New England department store). If my mother was really feeling posh, we’d shop at the local pet store. That was about the extent of products available for our dogs. Maybe some cities had a boutique that stocked “fancy dog” stuff, but for most of us, the five-and-dime with its “pet department” was our universe of dog supplies.

Then came the Internet

Want a cheap nylon collar from China? Buy it Now on eBay. Want the same gourmet organic, hand-made dog treats from Beverly Hills that some movie star feeds her dog? Overnight shipping means you could be feeding your little Max the same beef-carrot-lolli-pups tomorrow. The Internet is often a fire hose of information, dumping into our inboxes and scrolling by on our screens. But sometimes it all just blurs together.

How do you make sense of all the choices?

Let’s face it, some things, such as dog food, you can get anywhere – including this site. But do you go with the high-protein blend? What about corn – isn’t it bad for dogs? Wait – maybe it’s good. There is a lot of confusing information. How can you know what’s right for your dog?If you are looking for information on caring for your DeluxePup, how can you find it? And do you know if the information is reliable?

If you’re like me, you’re always rambling around online, sometimes stumbling on cool stuff for our dogs. We’ve all had the frustration of forgetting to bookmark the site, or navigating away from a page, never to find it again. Custom dog beds, unusual kennels, and hand-made dog tags – all that can require a lot more hit-and-miss searching.

One of the reasons I started DeluxePup was to post and curate cool dog stuff, health information, news, and interesting breakthroughs for your dog. You really can find what you need here. My goal is to be your go-to source for your dog.

Caring for your WHOLE dog

As I was thinking about this site, I made of list of what was important to me as a dog owner. Health and wellness information for my dog? Check. The latest training info? Yup. Fun things to do with my dog? You bet. Dogs with jobs? Gotta have that. After a lot of lists and research, I finally organized DeluxePup around four core concepts:

  • HealthyPup: The latest articles, research, and products to keep your dog healthy in body and soul. Food, supplements, and health care.
  • CoolPup: The coolest, cutest, most fab products to show off your doggies style. Collars, tags, jackets, totes, and more. Dog humor, videos, and all the weird and wonderfulness that dogs bring to our lives. Toys for you to have fun with your pup.
  • GoodPup: Training tools, videos, articles, and aids so that your pup is a well-behaved member of your family.
  • CaringPup: Stories about dogs doing good – and the people who help them.

I spend hours looking for stories, products, and fab finds and bring them all together on this site

I find, compare, and review products that will make life with your DeluxePup better, healthier, and just more fun. I am always on the lookout for the latest and greatest for your DeluxePup. My focus is on telling the truth about what works and what doesn’t, and researching sources to get the best possible information. After I research, I write articles, citing sources that are reputable and authoritative.

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Does DeluxePup receive compensation from partners?

I may or may not receive compensation from my partners (Compensation Disclosure Policy) for any products I review, but my reviews and articles ALWAYS reflect my honest opinion of whatever I write about.If I receive a product for free for review, I will disclose that in the review and tell you whether I really love it, hate it, or think it’s a waste of your time and money. Occasionally, guest bloggers will post on the site. They are bound by the same pledge of honesty that I make to you.

Some partners are linked to my site. This provides a convenient way for you to get additional information or to purchase any products I write about. If you click over to these sites, you may receive special deals or offers that are not available to the general public. Generally, I receive a commission on these sales. This is how I stay in business. You don’t pay any more because you click through my site.

You are under no obligation to buy anything from any partners. Feel free to shop on your own, including your local retailer. I support the “buy-local” movement, but sometimes what you need is not readily available in your neighborhood. That’s why I bring the best of the web here to this site for your DeluxePup.

Have a suggestion for a product that I should review? Want me to write an article about something?

Please reach out to me. I am always looking to connect with my readers. My email address is alphadog@deluxepup.com If you’re interested in finding out more about something, other dog owners probably are interested, too!

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